Saturday, December 22, 2012

Small Home Tips

Small Livingroom Tips

Although the home decorating in such a way-do not use a bulkhead, using a relatively small furniture, or walls painted with bright colors-but still looks crowded, you may forget some of the little things that it could be a bad thing for the home interior. What was wrong? Try to go again, did you clean up other items like this?

Small Bedroom Tips


Are your clothes scattered around the room, not just in the closet? Hanging in the corner, behind the door there was even another cabinet that stores your clothes. Maybe it's time to sort out all your clothes and store only the necessary. In general, clothing that used day-to-day cover only 20 percent of all clothing owned. In other words, about 80 percent of the clothes you have rarely used and only adds to the pile that makes a closet or bedroom look more narrow. With give, an extra wardrobe for clothes is no longer needed so that the cabinet can get out of your room. The rooms feel more spacious bedroom is not it?

Small Kitchen Tips


Without realizing it, a variety of cooking equipment in the kitchen is often only a mere display that was never used. Corner of the kitchen was fill with toaster, blender, microwave and others. It not a problem if this equipment is actually used. But if not, these items are just a husk that disrupt enemy in the kitchen tidiness. It's good when the goods are first stored in a special place. (In the closet, for example) so the kitchen also looks more spacious.

Newspapers and Magazines

When you subscribe to newspapers or magazines, it is better if you do the cleaning regularly to newspapers and magazines are not piled high in the corner. Apart takes place, heap is also a source of diseases caused by dust.

Small Bedroom Tips


Quite often, parents transfer her worn furniture. It looks antique and unique-especially if made of teak wood with carvings typical, but sometimes this stuff just becomes unclaimed goods, which had never been used. If it is not used anymore, think to dispose of or sell it.

Memories Stuff

For some people, removing certain items attached to the past very hard to do. In fact, these items will only multiply and make room to grow narrower. Perform periodic sorting items and remove items that are no longer meaningful. Limit storage boxes, for instance, only 1-2.

Happy Decorating...

Small Bedroom Tips
Small LivingroomTips

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